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About the Competition

On April 9, 2021, as the administrative districts of Hangzhou were adjusted, and the former Shangcheng District and Jianggan District were merged into the new Shangcheng District. In order to accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and better assist the building of high-end industries in Shangcheng District, we organize the first "Sprint Forward in Golden Boots" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shangcheng District. This Competition, which focuses on digital economy and intelligent manufacturing, is open to innovation and entrepreneurship projects from all over the world, so as to welcome more high-level talents from home and abroad to innovate and start businesses in Shangcheng District.

  • Kickoff

    early July, 2022

    Make an announcement and start the audition. Through media, institutions, well-known enterprises at home and abroad and community, foreign to the European and American countries such as Finland, Switzerland, the United States silicon valley as the key point, the domestic such as Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou as a focus for publicity, organization launched individual, team or sign up for the enterprise, and to submit material qualification of individual, team or enterprises.
  • Preliminary competition

    Early August - mid August

    On the basis of the qualification examination, relevant experts will be organized to evaluate the audition projects and determine the finalists for the second round. Investment experts and industry technical experts were invited to form a review group to review written materials, and 120 semi-finals were selected.
  • Semi-final competition

    From mid-August to mid-September

    120 semi-final projects will be evaluated in groups according to relevant fields, and the review group will be formed by inviting domestic top venture capital institutional investors, well-known technical experts in the industry, and well-known entrepreneurs in relevant fields in the province. Through on-site mini-roadshow defense (a small part of video defense), 30 winning projects will be selected and promoted, among which the top 12 winning projects will enter the final.
  • Final competition

    Early November

    The final of "Golden Boot Running" innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Uptown was held, and the chief venture capital investors and top experts in the industry were invited to attend the on-site interactive evaluation and the appointment letter of mentor was issued. Organize the roadshow selection of 12 top quality projects, and determine 1 first prize, 4 second prize and 7 third prize respectively, and conduct the award ceremony.

Land policy


There will be 1 first prize, 4 second prizes and 7 third prizes in the final. The winning projects that have settled down in Shangcheng District within one year will be subsidized with up to 10 million, 5 million and 3 million respectively based on the category A, B and C entrepreneurial projects of outstanding high-level talents at home and abroad. Especially excellent projects can be subsidized with 15 million. 18 winners will be awarded with 1 million yuan of start-up funding if they settle down in Shangcheng District within one year.

All winning projects that settle down in Shangcheng District as required will be incorporated into the Sprint Forward in Golden Boots management system, and can enjoy up to zero-interest 15 million yuan bank loan within three years, equity incentive of up to 2 million yuan, and 50% rent subsidy of up to 1500 square meters office space (used for enterprise scientific research, production or operation) for three consecutive years.

Newsletter for the Competition

Competition video


  • Competition video

  • Tour of Shangcheng District

  • Live replay of the "Golden Boot Run" launch ceremony

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